PowerPlay Goldfish Season 7 (15th June-21st June)
PowerPlay Season 28 (8th June-17th June)
PowerPlay Goldfish Season 6 (7th June-13th June)
PowerPlay Season 27 (29th May to 7th June'17)
PowerPlay Goldfish Season 5 Bhojpuri (5th-11th June)
PowerPlay Goldfish Season 4 (31st May-6th June)
PowerPlay Goldfish Season 3 (24th May-30th May)
PowerPlay Goldfish Season 1 (2nd May-8th May)
PowerPlay Season 26 (8th to 14th May'17)
PowerPlay Goldfish Season 2 (9th May-15th May)
PowerPlay Season 25 (28th Apr to 7st May'17)
PowerPlay Quiz Dolphin 8 (25th Apr to 1st May'17)
PowerPlay Season 24 (25th Apr'17 to 1st May'17)
PowerPlay Telugu Quiz (27th to 29th Apr'17)
PowerPlay Quiz Dolphin Season 6 (18th to 24th Apr'17)
QuizWin Season 23 (15th Apr'17 to 24th Apr'17)
PowerPlay Quiz Dolphin Season 5 (8th to 14th Apr'17)
QuizWin Season 22 (8th Apr'17 to 14th Apr'17)
QuizWin Season 21 (25th Mar'17 to 31st Mar'17)
QuizWin Dolphin Season 4 (24th Mar'17 to 30th Mar'17)
QuizWin Season - 20 (17th Mar to 23rd Mar)
QuizWin Dolphin Season 3 (17th Mar'17 to 23rd Mar'17)
QuizWin Dolphin Season 2 (8th Mar'17 to 14th Mar'17)
QuizWin Season - 19 (3rd Mar to 15th Mar)
QuizWin Dolphin Season 1 (28th Feb'17 to 6th Mar'17)
QuizWin Season - 18 (23rd Feb to 2nd Mar)
QuizWin Season - 17 (15th Feb to 22nd Feb)
QuizWin Season - 16 (7th Feb to 14th Feb)
iPhone7, Mi Band2, MotoG play and Idioms&Proverbs (12th to 19th Jan)