How to play PowerPlay Quiz?

It’s easy as eating a cake. Just follow the below steps and you are ready to win big!!

1) First you need to buy questions.

a. How to buy?

i. Go to quizwin.mobi and click on “Play to Win”

ii. You can directly go to Paytm.com or Download Paytm App and search for PowerPlay Quiz deals

2) Now you should sign in using your Paytm account

3) If you don’t have Paytm account, please visit paytm.com and make your account using your mobile number

4) Now, enter OTP to verify your account

5) Buy question packs as listed on store page

6) Pay the amount using your Paytm Wallet

7) See the question balance on your screen- Match it with the pack you have purchased

8) Now Click on “Play to Win

9) Get questions on your screen

10) Click on one of the option as answer

11) If your answer is correct, the option will glow in green light

12) If your answer is wrong, your chosen option will glow in red light and correct answer will glow in green light

13) Repeat steps no. 6 to 9 till you exhaust all your questions

14) After the submission of last question, you will see the win meter. Check this win meter to know your probability of winning weekly prize

15) Buy more questions to increase your chances of winning the prize

How to see weekly top scorer?

1) Go to quizwin.mobi

2) Click on the “Menu” button (3 horizontal lines)

3) Click on leader board

4) You can see your ranking and your score

5) Click on “Your Ranking”

Is it a lucky draw?

NO. It is not a lucky draw. It is a game played on fair level playing field, where every player gets to play almost similar level of questions. All the questions carry similar weightage in terms of points. Hence, the player who submits highest numbers of correct answers, wins.

What type of questions are asked

We ask questions from all the categories available under the sun. From Maths to Geography to Bollywood to Food!!

Sample Questions:

1) Which is the national animal of India? 

a. Lion

b. Tiger

c. Cat

d. Peacock

Correct Answer: Tiger

2) Which cricketer is known as the 'Bengal Tiger?'

a. M.S. Dhoni

b. Kapil Dev

c. Saurav Ganguly

d. Irfan Pathan

Correct Answer: Saurav Ganguly

3) Nanhe Munne Bacche Teri Mutthi Mein Kya Hai' -is from movie?

a. Shoe Polish

b. Boot Polish

c. Azadi

d. Poorab aur Paschim

Correct Answer: Boot Polish

4) What is the capital of Maharashtra?

a. Dehradun

b. Patna

c. Thiruvananthapuram

d. Mumbai

Correct Answer: Mumbai

When will I receive the SMS?

You will receive the SMS after purchasing the question pack from Paytm. That SMS will contain link, which will redirect you to your set of questions.

Where you can find questions?

You will receive the SMS after purchasing question pack from Paytm. That SMS will contain link, which will redirect you to your set of questions.

Can I increase my score by playing more?

That’s the only way to increase!! Play more and score more.