A Decade in the Making

Imagine a world when the iPhone did not exist!

It was just 10 years ago.

Now imagine a time when the need for a smartphone did not exist!

Again, 10 years ago.

Sounds incredible, right?

The reason Apple stands mighty tall today is because it has mastered the art of reinventing itself. Not only did the company create a need no one felt existed, it did not shy away from eating away its own iPod market to create a superior iPhone one.

Threats and competitors came and went. Self-proclaimed pundits predicted the rise and fall of what was hailed as a “revolutionary breakthrough”. Today, ten years later, the company stays true to its core promise – changing the way users view their handsets.

But why limit yourselves to handsets? Remember the era of the Walkman or the numerous Planet M stores popping up in every corner of your locality? Perhaps you recall the rage digital cameras (or fondly digi-cams) once were. Apple single-handedly destroyed them. One technological innovation was all it took.

It’s not for nothing that the brand became the ultimate trendsetter. Every me-too brand wanted to be Apple. Smartphones suddenly flooded the market, and touchscreens, once incomprehensible, became commonplace.

We now live in a time when we cannot imagine our lives without our faithful phones by our side. From a call and SMS service provider, it has become a mammoth, with every imaginable service in its fold. Got a mail to check, movie to watch, music to make, game to play, food to order or money to transfer, you don’t need to go beyond your fingertips. If that’s not revolutionary, we wonder what is.

A brand had the foresight to teach the world what leaders are made of – they don’t just fulfill desires, they anticipate and create them!

So let’s then, dear reader, have a shot at anticipating yours.

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Winning was never this simple!

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