Terms & Conditions


Part –A   Campaign Name: PowerPlay Quiz Campaign Season-24

·          Campaign Period – From 25th Apr, 2017 00:00:00 hours to 1st May, 2017 23:59:59 hours as per following table:



25th Apr'17

00:00:00 hrs till 23:59:59 hrs

26th Apr'17

00:00:00 hrs till 23:59:59 hrs

27th Apr'17

00:00:00 hrs till 23:59:59 hrs

28th Apr'17

00:00:00 hrs till 23:59:59 hrs

29th Apr'17

00:00:00 hrs till 23:59:59 hrs

30th Apr'17

00:00:00 hrs till 23:59:59 hrs

1st May'17

00:00:00 hrs till 23:59:59 hrs


·          For the avoidance of any doubt, please note that the gratifications offered under this Campaign are solely sponsored and distributed by PowerPlay Quiz for the Winner(s) (defined later) of this Campaign to be participated by the Paytm user.

·          A Paytm user (participating in this Campaign shall be referred to as “Participant”) by participating in the Campaign, hereby agrees to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below and gives his/her irrevocable consent to the process of selecting the winner as set out herein, and any appropriate changes that may be made to this Campaign by PowerPlay Quiz, including due to any legal or regulatory requirement, instructions from any judicial or a quasi-judicial body or due to any natural calamity beyond the reasonable control of PowerPlay Quiz, its affiliates and associates or for any other reason whatsoever.

·          For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, wherever the context so requires “You” or “Your” shall mean any natural person who is a Participant.

·          These Terms and Conditions are available on the website http://www.quizwin.mobi/deal/tnc.[v1]  The Terms and Conditions can be amended or varied from time to time or withdrawn and therefore, please visit the Website periodically to keep yourself updated and informed.

·          By participating in the Campaign, You indicate your acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


1.       Unconditional Approval/Acceptance:

·          The Participant is aware that answers submitted on the WAP portal/APP and sent by theParticipant may not be received by PowerPlay Quiz instantly due to various factors outside the control of PowerPlay Quiz such as Network failure, system failure etc.

·          The time at which the Participant answered through click on WAP portal from his/herhandset will not be considered even if it is earlier. (Example – Participant sent answer at 14:00hrs but it was received by PowerPlay Quiz only at 15:00hrs. PowerPlay Quiz will consider the time as 15:00hrs only).

·          The Participant undertakes not to dispute/challenge the delay caused in receiving theanswer through WAP by PowerPlay Quiz due to network failure, system failure, etc., which are beyond the control of PowerPlay Quiz

·          The winner must have a valid Paytm KYC verified account. If the Paytm account is not KYC verified, the winner must submit documents for KYC and get his/her account KYC verified. The list of the winner(s) of the gratification will be published on the Websitewww.quizwin.mobi/winners

·          He/she must be registered Paytm User through which they attempted to play the Campaign and chosen as the Winner(s) under this Campaign. The participant must have Paytm account on his/her own name through which they are buying packs/questions.

2.      Charging:


To participate in/register for the Campaign, the Participants have to:


·         Buy a Pack of questions from Paytm website/app/WAP or PowerPlay Quiz portal to play the campaign.

·         User will click on the PowerPlay Quiz URL (link), login with their Paytm id. A pack received/bought by a participant will be valid for that participant only. Pack bought from Paytm during the Campaign Period shall be redeemed by participant during the Campaign Period only and it shall not carry forward to any further campaign or offer run by PowerPlay Quiz.

·         To continue further with the Campaign, the participants have an option to buy more packs to score more. They can purchase more packs from http://quizwin.mobi/P347166. Customer would get “pack options” to select from and post giving consent on Paytm Payment page, participant shall be charged. Below are the various pack options for the participant:


Pack Price

No. of Questions

Rs. 1000


Rs. 500


Rs. 100


Rs. 50


Rs. 10










·          The charged amount will not be refunded to Participants under any circumstances.

·          The participant will be granted questions according to the question pack as pasted above. The pack/question is available till the tenure of the Campaign Period, if there would be question which is left to be played and Campaign Period expires then the unplayed question will be forfeited by PowerPlay Quiz and unplayed question and points which he/she has earned shall not carry forward to any other campaign organized by PowerPlay Quiz in future.

·          Participants shall be asked skill/knowledge based questions during the Campaign Period.

·          Participants must be active during the Campaign Period and will be informed by PowerPlay Quiz from time to time about their engagement towards Campaign through WAP/APP and/or SMS Channels.


3.      Point System:


·          For every right answer, participants will get 10 Points.

·          There will be no negative marking.


4.     Packs Limit:


Participants can buy as many packs as required. The number of questions that auser can play would depend upon the kind of pack(s) purchased. The questions may get repeated in different packs.


5.     Winner Selection Criteria


5.1       For Daily  & Bumper Prize Winner:

Winner(s) selection shall be done based on the following criteria indescending order of priority:

a)      Highest Score


b)     Minimum attempts


c)      In-case there is tie between users on above mentioned criteria, PowerPlay Quiz reserves the right to make the participants who have tied, play 5 additional questions, and the participant whosoever scores highest in minimum attempts, shall be selected as a winner of this campaign at discretion of PowerPlay Quiz, and if in case a winner is still not selected, this process shall continue till a single undisputed winner is selected. Further, the winner will not challenge or dispute any decision taken by PowerPlay Quiz for choosing a winner.



6.     PRIZES:


A.  Daily Prize -

Three (3) Highest scorers of the day during the Campaign Period as per the criteria explained in clause 5.1 shall be winner of the day shall win as per the below table:




1st highest scorer of the day

Rs.5,000 (Paytm Cash)

2nd highest scorer of the day

Rs.3,000 (Paytm Cash)

3rd highest scorer of the day

Rs.2,000 (Paytm Cash)



B.        Bumper Prize -


Five (5) highest scorers during the entire duration of Campaign Period, as per the Winner Selection Criteria mentioned in clause 5.1, shall win as per the below table:-




1st highest scorer

Rs.50,000 (Paytm Cash)

2nd highest scorer

Rs.20,000 (Paytm Cash)

3rd highest scorer

Rs.15,000 (Paytm Cash)

4th highest scorer

Rs.10,000 (Paytm Cash)

5th highest scorer

Rs.5,000 (Paytm Cash)

*Disclaimer: Paytm cash is a semi closed payment instrument and may be used for the purchase of third party products or may be transferred to the person’s bank account.

*Disclaimer: The residents of the state of Tamil Nadu (as per Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme (Prohibition) Act 1979) and wherever else prohibited by Law, shall not be entitled to participate in this Campaign as applicable.

The selection of all the winner(s) shall take place within 48 working hours & the gratification shall be distributed thereafter. Same participant cannot win the Daily Prize more than once in the season. Daily Prize winner is also eligible for winning Bumper Prize.



·          The participant would be selected as winner by PowerPlay Quiz. Post selection of winner(s), the results will be published on mentioned link www.quizwin.mobi/winners[v2] 

·          PowerPlay Quiz shall also make three (3) attempts within 48 working hours after completion of Campaign Period to contact the winner on their registered Mobile Number (with Paytm) to inform about the gratification and further process of claiming the gratification.

·          The gratification will be forfeited and the winner agrees to surrender the gratification if:

v  The winner does not get contacted within 48 working hours

v  The winner does not claim the gratification and/or fails to submit all necessary documents within 1 working day of being contacted by PowerPlay Quiz.

·          In case of weekends, the winners will be contacted the next working day(s).

·          All decisions by PowerPlay Quiz regarding the selection of winner(s) shall be final and binding.

·          The gratification under this Campaign is neither assignable nor transferable under any circumstance, unless specifically provided hereunder.

·          The gratification to winner shall be given subject to compliance with all applicable statutory legislations including RBI guidelines in respect of prepaid payment instrument, processes and formalities (including KYC formalities as may be applicable) in connection with the gratification and on production of all such documents/papers as may be applicable and required by PowerPlay Quiz.

·          Any failure on Participant/Winner part to comply with directions issued by PowerPlay Quiz for claiming the gratification shall entitle PowerPlay Quiz to forfeit the gratification.

·          Eligibility for claiming the prize: To be eligible to claim the gratification/s under the Campaign,the winner must have a valid Paytm KYC verified account (as per RBI guidelines). If the Paytm account is not KYC verified, the winner must submit documents for KYC and get his/her account KYC verified before claiming the prize.

·          If the same person plays the challenge from multiple Paytm accounts, he /she will be awarded only one gratification and Paytm wallet through which he/she gets themselves registered to play this Campaign, the same Paytm wallet shall be considered and used by PowerPlay Quiz to gratify the winner. Further winner shall not raise any dispute against the decision of PowerPlay Quiz /Paytm in this regard.

·          All gratification must be claimed by the winner(s), along with the documents (if applicable) specified herein below within the 48 hours by the Organizers. The documents required to be submitted along with the claim by the Winner(s) include the following (the document list* is only inclusive and not exhaustive and can change as per the requirements of law):


a)        Address proof (Voter ID / Driving License / Passport/electricity bill not older than 3 months /Telephone bill not older than 3 months etc)

b)        Photo Id proof (Aadhar Card / Passport/Voter ID/Driving License etc. mandatory)

c)        One passport size photo (compulsory)

d)        Postpaid bill (for postpaid user) (additional document)

e)        PAN card copy self-attested

f)         Letter of compliance with rules and regulations and declarations in the format as may be required by the Organizers or applicable laws.

*(the document list is only inclusive and not exhaustive and can change as per the requirements of Law or Organizers). If the winner fails to comply with the herein set requirements his/her right to win the prize shall be forfeited. Once the winner's documents have been received and confirmed the result will be published on http://quizwin.mobi/winners[v3] 

·          Post completing documentation process, the Winner will be informed (through tele-calling) regarding the modalities of the prize and distribution thereof. Delivery of prize will be subject to the Winners giving the correct address and his/her availability there. In the event the prize cannot be delivered, when specified that they will be delivered, due to reasons beyond the control of PowerPlay Quiz, the Winners shall collect them from the nearest place specified by PowerPlay Quiz.

·          PowerPlay Quiz does not make any commitment, express or implied to respond to any feedback, suggestion and/or queries of the participants.

8.        The gratifications offered in this Campaign will be sponsored and distributed by PowerPlay Quiz.

9.        Any gratifications to a person/participant of value in excess of INR 9999 daily, will be subject to deduction of taxes. PowerPlay Quiz shall in advance deduct TDS amount which is 30% of gratification/prize amount as per applicable Income tax rules. In case the prize is delivered/ given to the winner, then the winner shall pay TDS by Demand Draft (DD) equal to the TDS amount in advance in favour of One97 Communications Ltd.

10.     Without prejudice to the foregoing Clause, any failure on the part of the winner(s) under this Campaign to comply with directions issued by PowerPlay Quiz shall entitle PowerPlay Quiz, at its own discretion, to cancel and forfeit the gratification for the said winner(s). The gratification shall be distributed only after and subject to confirmation of an existing Permanent Account Number (“PAN”) of the winner(s).

11.     Cash vide cheque/DD will be provided only if the product is unavailable at sole discretion of PowerPlay Quiz.

12.     PowerPlay Quiz shall not be responsible for any delay on part of a third party including the courier agency, in delivering the gratification (if applicable). All costs and expenses for collecting the gratification unless otherwise specified shall be borne solely by the winner(s) under this Campaign and the gratification shall not be transferable and no request shall be entertained by PowerPlay Quiz for such transfer.

13.     Without prejudice to the foregoing, under no circumstance shall the winner(s) of the Campaign be entitled to redeem any category of gratification for cash, unless expressly mentioned herein. PowerPlay Quiz, at its sole discretion, may or may not provide a cash alternative to any of the gratification being offered in this Campaign.

14.     This Campaign is skill based and is being made purely on a “best effort” basis and participation of eligible Participants is voluntary, and subject to the applicable terms and conditions.